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Information for build frontier-awstats-7.7-9.osg35.el7

Package Namefrontier-awstats
SummaryAwstats config files for Frontier Servers
DescriptionConfiguration and script files for monitoring frontier server through awstats. The monitoring information are collected by the node The 7.7 signifies awstats version that this rpm is based on.
Built byDave Dykstra
State complete
StartedFri, 17 Sep 2021 17:16:03 CDT
CompletedFri, 17 Sep 2021 17:19:08 CDT
Taskbuild (devops-el7, /svn/native/redhat/branches/devops/frontier-awstats:26622)
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Changelog * Wed Sep 15 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-9 - Rename DNS last update cache file to another file instead of deleting it. * Thu Aug 12 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-8 - Append lines to the end of awstatscron.log instead of overwriting the file. - Make more efficient at looking up host names. * Mon May 03 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-7 - Support processing squid syslog logs in * Mon Apr 26 2021 Dave Dykstra <> 7.7-6 - Remove precheck for the $FRONTIER_USER account because it is not required for apache-only awstats. * Thu Apr 22 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-5 - Make apache and squid paths consistent. * Thu Mar 11 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-4 - Treat characters as bytes when generates TMPFILE file. * Fri Mar 05 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-3 - Use binary mode instead of text mode when reads input file. * Tue Feb 23 2021 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-2 - Increase number of records to save in DNS last update cache file from 500 to 10000. - Clear DNS last update cache file once per day. - Change rsync options from the rsync -av to rsync -rlptv. - Process the new data of squid log instead of the whole squid log. - Add source It counts for all combinations of IP addresses and the 2 path components. - Add Python 3 requirement. - Remove 0 from ValidHTTPCodes. * Wed Sep 09 2020 Dave Dykstra <> 7.7-1.2 - Make failure to find httpd alias in mapping file to be non-fatal, because that is the normal case on stratum 1s using a frontier-squid frontend. * Mon Mar 30 2020 Edita Kizinevic <> 7.7-1.1 - Upgrade to awstats-7.7 - Download awstats from official page. - Add patch files. wwwroot/cgi-bin/ and wwwroot/cgi-bin/ files are removed, wwwroot/cgi-bin directory is renamed to awstats. Other directories are removed. * Mon Aug 12 2019 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-5.3 - Fix the shortening of URLs with syslog logs. - Remove %config on /etc/awstats so any edits will be overwritten. * Thu Aug 01 2019 Edita Kizinevic <> 6.9-5.2 - Add source frontier-awstats.cron. - Add source frontier-awstats.logrotate. - Remove frontier-squid requirement. - Make changes to in order to include httpd access log. * Mon Jun 17 2019 Edita Kizinevic <> 6.9-5.1 - Change permissions for frontier-awstats data files. SaveDatabaseFilesWithPermissionsForEveryone is set to 0 instead of 1. * Fri May 17 2019 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-4.5 - Support processing squid logs that have been sent through syslog. * Tue Apr 23 2019 Edita Kizinevic <> 6.9-4.4 - Enable IPv6 transport by requiring perl-Socket6 and perl-IO-Socket-INET6 packages. - Add timestamp in the log when the awstats client is finished running. - Remove a DNS cache file. * Mon Feb 19 2018 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-4.3 - Clean out existing /etc/awstats/awstatsconf if any, during post install. This was added because at some point a mistake in the mapping file caused extra lines to be added to awstatsconf which were causing non-fatal error messages. - Take only the first match of a node from the mapping file when generating awstatsconf. * Mon Feb 19 2018 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-4.2 - Add rsync timeouts to prevent it from hanging indefinitely. - Add Requires: wget. * Mon May 23 2016 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-4.1 - Enable IPv6 plugin. Requires perl-Net-IP and perl-Net-DNS. * Thu Sep 10 2015 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-3.3 - Move a temporary file from /tmp to the same directory as the input log in case /tmp is too small. * Wed Apr 22 2015 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-3.2 - Keep separate configuration and data directories when frontier-squid is configured to run multiple squids, to separately keep statistics on each of the squids. * Fri Dec 19 2014 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-3.1 - Update to 6.9-3 tarball which only removes a couple of unused files - Remove chkthread monitor generation from this rpm (it is moved to frontier-maxthreads rpm) - Change awstats monitoring host to be instead of - Remove generation of squidmodifiedqueries, which was a squid log subset - Remove relocatability of rpm to simplify it - Fully clean up files in /var/lib/frontier-awstats on final uninstall - Move release notes into %changelog instead of separate file * Fri Aug 29 2014 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-1.2 - Remove requirement that /etc/awstats/password-file exists before rpm installation. Create it at install time as an empty file if it doesn't exist. - Do not install the chkthread cron entries if frontier-tomcat is not installed. * Fri Sep 07 2012 Dave Dykstra <> 6.9-1.1 - Change release numbers to be based on the underlying awstats package release number from the internet. - Add chkthread data collection to be able to plot frontier servlet threads, response time, and database response times, if the frontier tomcat log exists. This has little to do with awstats except that it is needed on the same machines (frontier launchpads) and uses the same mechanism for uploading data (rsync to This data is collected every 5 minutes instead of the once an hour collection of awstats. - Keep track of previously downloaded node name alias and site+project name, in /etc/awstats/awstatsconf. Then if the download (from fails, re-use the previous values. The chkthread data collection then uses the same file so it doesn't need to know how to do the download. - Keep the awstats config template in /etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf instead of /etc/awstats/awstats.conf so people don't think it is an actively used configuration. - Keep the first two components of URLs from the squid log instead of just the first one; that causes no harm for Frontier (the second URL component is always "Frontier") and is helpful for CVMFS. - Change directory of support files from /usr/share/awstats to /usr/share/frontier-awstats. - Remove support for /etc/awstats/ * Thu Jun 28 2012 David Front <> 6.0-17 - A small technical change at the spec file to support source rpms for frontier rpms - Use symbolic link to to simplify source tar ball creation * Wed Dec 21 2011 David Front <> 6.0-16 - At upgrade, remove no-more-needed directory/file/lines: -- logs dir: ${RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX}/var/log/fontier-awstats -- file: ${RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX}/usr/share/awstats/ -- awstats crontab entries - Rename /etc/awstats/ to /etc/awstats/ - Simplify No need to set LogFile at awstats configuration file, because this is over ridden by an argument to - Cause to be more robust: If configuration creation fails, exit, and do not overwrite previous configuration. * Sun Dec 18 2011 David Front <> 6.0-15 - Apply fix at src/usr/share/awstats/ by Dave Dykstra to support non aliased DNS names. - Remove ${RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX}/usr/share/awstats/ This script is installed by cms awstats tar, but is not used by the rpm. - Now, squid calls the awstats script, if it exists, to prevent related bugs and simplify the code. * Tue Nov 29 2011 David Front <> 6.0-14 - Complete support of rpm verify, command:'rpm -V': Do not remove *.unproto files (after usage), in order to cause "rpm -V" to pass. * Sun Nov 27 2011 David Front <> 6.0-13 - Supporting rpm verify, command:'rpm -V': -- Add the prefix '%verify(not user group)' to each %files entry, in order to prevent complaints from 'rpm -V', like: .....UG. <fileName> -- Note, however, that 'rpm -V' may still create misleading complaints like: missing ... <fileName>.proto * Sun Nov 13 2011 David Front <> 6.0-12 - Remove the recent kludges to clean BEGIN_SIDER and to handle IP - Add test that password-file exists as prerequisite to install - Rotate of modifiedqueries.log moved from frontier-tomcat to frontier-awstats rpm, to avoid dependency between user of frontier-tomcat and frontier-squid rpms' - support default squid user being squid (if the file /etc/squid/squidconf is missing). * Sun Oct 30 2011 David Front <> 6.0-11 - Kludge to artificially avoid huge awstats logs: At src/usr/share/awstats/ If /etc/awstats/ has a record like export RM_BEGIN_SIDER=1 then remove all records of awstats files between BEGIN_SIDER and END_SIDER. * Sun Oct 30 2011 David Front <> 6.0-10 - At src/usr/share/awstats/ - preprocess log to have only the last ip and no surrounding " character * Thu Oct 27 2011 David Front <> 6.0-9 - at src/usr/share/awstats/ - code taken from cmsfrontier1:~dbfrontier/local/etc/ added, with comment starting as: Change the URL into just the servlet name * Mon Oct 24 2011 David Front <> 6.0-8 - Shorten the time awstats files are kept locally from 40 to 20 days, in order to prevent the /var partition to fill up. * Tue Oct 18 2011 David Front <> 6.0-7 - change src/usr/share/awstats/ to be generic for all hosts that should report awstats. For this, a central new file is used, to map siteProjects to their 'DNS alias' and 'awstats name': * Sun Sep 04 2011 David Front <> 6.0-6 - fix bug at /usr/share/awstats/ * Sun Aug 28 2011 David Front <> 6.0-5 - Following remarks from Emmanouil Vamvakopoulos and Dave Dykstra Changed script src/usr/share/awstats/ to allow setting DirData at /etc/awstats/ Example: sed_conf DirData /data/dbfrontier/frontier-awstats Remark: Contrary to previous remarks at /etc/awstats/, the use of 'quoted values' (a "value" for value with more than one word) is needed for values with more than one word, not for single vorder value like DirData * Sun Jul 31 2011 David Front <> 6.0-4 - At spec file. Add: Requires: perl-libwww-perl Remove: Requires: frontier-squid >= 2.7.STABLE9-5.5 Fix bug: attempted to source a wrong configuration file at install * Wed Jul 27 2011 David Front <> 6.0-3 - Fix bug: awstats did not update squid_logs upon change of it at /etc/squid/ * Wed Jul 20 2011 David Front <> 6.0-2 - Added dependancy on frontier-squid rpm - Base dir is taken from squid and may differ from the default: /data - User to install at is taken from may differ from the default: dbfrontier * Thu Jun 02 2011 David Front <> 6.0-1 - Following discussions with Barry Blumenfeld and Dave Dykstra, it has been understood that relying on awstats original code, rather than on the code changed by cms causes the result frontier-awstats data to miss "Request size" and "Request time" numbers. Hence, this release relies on cms tar ball (that is based on awtats 6.0) rather than on awstats rpm. - The script is being replaced by In essence, they do the same, but expects files calles X.proto (rather than X.template). In addition, after applying unproto on a file, its X.proto file is removed, and after applying unproto to all proto files, the script is removed (may be found at rpm or svn) - Verious bug fixes. In particular, reloaction is now supported, except for files at /etc/awstats. * Sun May 22 2011 David Front <> 6.95-1 - The version signifies the dependent version of awstats rpm - frontier-awstats scripts moved to /usr/share/awstats - The content of has been made smaller and was moved into the spec file * Sun Mar 27 2011 David Front <> 1.0-2 - Initial release - Originating from*.rpm - Changes: - is resident at the rpm, rather than being taken from awstats.prm as was the case previously. - (Hence) the dependency of awstats rpm has been removed. - The directory of file has been moved. - The file /data/dbfrontier/frontier-awstats/password-file has been removed from the rpm, and hence has to be installed manually. - Many parameters may be edited manually, per site (per server machine), as detailed at the frontier-awstatsREADME file - Correctly support SQUID_RELOCATION at - Support installa at standard linux directories (or relacate)