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Information for build oasis-goc-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7

Package Nameoasis-goc
SummaryOASIS GOC package
DescriptionThis package contains OASIS software for the OSG Operations
Built byDave Dykstra
State complete
StartedFri, 16 Oct 2020 20:49:03 CDT
CompletedFri, 16 Oct 2020 20:50:19 CDT
Taskbuild (devops-el7, /svn/native/redhat/branches/devops/oasis-goc:26011)
Extra{'source': {'original_url': 'svn+https://vdt.cs.wisc.edu/svn/native/redhat/branches/devops/oasis-goc#26011'}}
oasis-goc-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
oasis-goc-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
oasis-goc-login-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
oasis-goc-replica-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
oasis-goc-zero-2.2.12-1.osg35.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Thu Oct 08 2020 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.12-1 - Add generate_sshauthkeys to create ssh authorized key file entries for those who have such keys registered in topology. - Limit parallel snapshots on stratum 1 to the number of cores * Tue May 05 2020 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.11-1 - Add list of cms servers to make_stashservers_list. * Wed Apr 08 2020 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.10-1 - Add share/make_stashservers_list and run it every 3 hours from the stratum zero cron. * Thu Aug 29 2019 Marian Zvada <marian.zvada@cern.ch> - 2.2.9-1 - Remove references to cvmfs-snapshot in {add|remove}_osg_repository - Add test to compare current github source with config-osg repo to copy_config_osg (OO-236) - Add functionality to copy_config_osg that assists with submitting a PR for changes to the config-osg repo on the -itb host * Fri Jun 28 2019 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.8-1 - Update cron to run do_du daily (OO-267) - Update cron to do snapshots 4 times per minute and to send log output to a separate file in /var/log/cvmfs for each repository (OO-266) * Fri Jun 28 2019 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.7-1 - Add do_du script (OO-267) * Wed Dec 12 2018 Marian Zvada <marian.zvada@cern.ch> - 2.2.6-1 - Make oasis-replica ignore If-Modified-Since requests (OO-253) * Tue Jul 03 2018 Marian Zvada <marian.zvada@cern.ch> - 2.2.5-1 - Deny .cvmfs_master_replica on the primary service (OO-222) - Rationalize the my.opensciencegrid.org URLs (OO-223) * Thu Jun 21 2018 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.4-1 - Add continue option to add_osg_repository - Add support for directory of pub keys to add_osg_repository * Wed Jun 20 2018 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.3-1 - Finish support for UNL oasis-replica * Wed May 02 2018 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.2-1 - Make itb checks consistent - Don't replicate cern.ch whitelists because they are not signed by OSG; they are grandfathered. * Thu Apr 19 2018 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.2.1-1 - Make many changes for running at UNL. * Mon Dec 18 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.30-1 - Change add_osg_repository to use cvmfs_server add-replica -p to avoid creating any apache configuration, instead of removing it after the fact. This is now crucial because without -p an extra wsgi configuration file is created which clashes with the wsgi config in cvmfs.conf. * Mon Nov 20 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.29-1 - Remove temporary WSGI config for cvmfs-servermon because that is now built in to new version of cvmfs-servermon. - Add 61 second expiration of .json on stratum 0, to be consistent with stratum 1. - Add additional listening port 8080 for squid, and move apache's port for stratum 1s to 8880. - Reload iptables during postinstall on oasis and oasis-replica. - Reload httpd during postinstall on oasis as it had been on oasis-replica. - Run cvmfs_server masterkeycard -k twice if necessary in oasis_status_stamp, resign_osg_whitelist, and recover_oasis_rollback, because sometimes the key card access fails. - Add oasis-replica-initclean and corresponding systemd service to clean up reflogs at boot time, in case of rollback. * Fri Oct 20 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.28-1 - Update cvmfs.conf to go with cvmfs-2.4.2 on oasis-replica. Reload apache there if it is active, and frontier-squid too while we're at it. * Fri Aug 11 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.27-1 - Send oasis-login cron output to log files - Have copy_config_osg allow either itb or production key on oasis-itb's config repository - Have blank_osg_repository always assume production masterkey even on itb - Add a log message in generate_whitelists when the url changes * Fri Aug 11 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.26-1 - Move oasis-login cron to rpm from install script * Fri Aug 11 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.25-1 - Fix copy/paste error in etc/cron.d/oasis * Thu Aug 10 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.24-1 - Switch to using cvmfs_server resign instead of resign_osg_whitelist in recover_oasis_rollback. It requires repositories to be healthy, so recover_oasis_rollback first does a couple of transaction/aborts to clean things up. * Thu Aug 10 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.23-1 - Try resign_osg_whitelist again if it fails during recover_oasis_rollback. * Wed Aug 09 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.22-1 - Change resign_osg_whitelist to continue trying all repos even if one fails. I have seen about a 0.1% failure rate with masterkeycard signing. - Remove reflog files in recover_oasis_rollback - Remove /etc/sysconfig/gsisshd from oasis-login. * Tue Aug 08 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.21-1 - Change add_osg_repository to always add the OSG pub key, even on ITB * Tue Aug 08 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.20-1 - Add support for masterkeycard in add_osg_repository and oasis_status_stamp - Change resign_osg_whitelist to use new cvmfs-server-2.4.0 resign -w option, and work with or without masterkeycard - Remove obsolete overlayfs override in blank_osg_repository - Change recover_oasis_rollback to be based on new resign -p command along with resign_osg_whitelist - Remove gc-all-collectable, and instead call new cvmfs_server gc -af from cron on oasis-replica - Add new generate_whitelists python script for automating adding new repositories on the stratum 0 based on what is in OIM (as generate_replicas currently does on the stratum 1), and add it to the cron on oasis - Reduce the oasis-replica snapshot interval from 15 minutes to 5 minutes - Update the apache config files on oasis & oasis-replica to current best practice, including 61 second expiration on .cvmfs* files, and include the /oasissrv/cvmfs/*/.cvmfswhitelist files in the settings. * Fri Jan 13 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.19-1 - Add oasis-initclean systemd service in oasis-goc-zero, to make sure it runs late enough at boot time. - Add CVMFS_DONT_CHECK_OVERLAYFS_VERSION=true to blank_osg_repository to make overlayfs work with cvmfs-server-2.3.2. * Thu Jan 12 2017 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.18-1 - Change the wget commands in add_osg_repository and update_oasis_vos to have --timeout=10 --tries=2 so they won't hang indefinitely if an external repository server is down. * Thu Dec 29 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.17-1 - Change add_osg_repository to remove .cvmfsreflog when re-using old data. * Wed Dec 28 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.16-1 - Add new script recover_oasis_rollback, to run after rolling back to a previously installed oasis or oasis-itb VM. * Wed Dec 28 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.15-1 - Change resign_osg_whitelist to support el7. The openssl sha1 command had an extra "(stdin)= " in the output on el7. resign_osg_whitelist was originally based on cvmfs_server's create_whitelist() function which is now using "cvmfs_swissknife hash" and allowing for more than one hash algorithm, so now resign_osg_whitelist does as well. * Tue Dec 27 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.14-1 - Add a '+' before the 'FollowSymLinks' option in the apache config files, because apache 2.4 in el7 requires that if there are any "-" options then any options being added have to have "+". All of the current option settings chosen are default for httpd versions 2.3.11 and later, but leave them for now in case somebody tries running with an earlier version. - Re-enable garbage collection cron. * Tue Dec 27 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.13-2 - Replace %files /usr/bin with /usr/bin/* because el7 yum install complained about a conflict with another package. * Mon Dec 05 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.13-1 - Instead of changing the cron to add a key only on oasis-replica-itb, change add_osg_repository to add the key on both oasis-replica-itb and oasis-replica. That's because doing garbage collection on non-OSG repositories on oasis-replica would have the same problem that was seen on on OSG repositories on oasis-replica-itb; in both cases the the .cvmfswhitelist is replaced by one signed with a different key than the original. - Comment out garbage collection in cron for now (see OO-160 for an explanation why). Also for future reference set the commented hour to 5am instead of 1am, because the clocks at the GOC are on UTC time. - Change update_oasis_vos to make sure it only runs on oasis-itb, and to download from oasis any changed fingerprint in each external repo's .cvmfswhitelist. * Fri Dec 02 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.12-1 - Change the oasis-replica cron so that on oasis-replica-itb it will add the extra oasis-itb key to newly added repositories. This is needed for garbage collection to work on new repositories, because we replace each .cvmfswhitelist file with one signed by oasis-itb. * Fri Dec 02 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.11-1 - Add gc-all-collectable and call it from cron on oasis-replica. * Thu Dec 01 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.10-2 - Make /etc/squid/customize.sh executable after creating it. * Thu Dec 01 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.10-1 - Move /etc/sysconfig/frontier-squid and /etc/squid/customize.sh into oasis-goc-replica. Add a %post step to redirect customize.sh into a separate file oasiscustomize.sh, because the former is owned by the frontier-squid package and would cause an rpm install conflict if we included it directly in this rpm. * Wed May 18 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.9-1 - Move /etc/cron.d/cvmfs into oasis-goc-replica and /etc/cron.d/oasis into oasis-goc-zero. * Wed May 18 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.8-1 - Add copy_config_osg command (OO-142) - Change /etc/init.d/oasis-initclean to use cvmfs_server mount -a (OO-144) - Use cvmfs-server's own cvmfs_rsync in do_oasis_update (OO-143) * Sun Apr 10 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.7-1 - Change update_oasis_vos to not copy from nas01 (OO-136) * Sun Mar 06 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.6-1 - Remove oasis-replica-initclean (OO-126) - Mount all cvmfs repositories at boot in oasis-initclean (OO-126) - Remove harmless code in update_oasis_vos that printed an error (OO-120) * Thu Mar 03 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.5-1 - Remove dependency on nas01 (OO-120) * Wed Mar 02 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.4-1 - Automatically add missing external repositories to oasis-itb (OO-124) - Prevent warning when a repo hasn't finished initial snapshot (OO-115) - Eliminate a file in communication between oasis and oasis-login (OO-116) - Remove /etc/cvmfs/cvmfs_server_hooks.sh on oasis-replica. It's not needed anymore with cvmfs-server-2.2.X (OO-126). * Wed Mar 02 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.3-1 - Add support for cvmfs-servermon rpm (OO-125) * Wed Feb 24 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.2-1 - Rebuild. 2.1.1 did not have the full correct set of source files because all the branches weren't merged together. - Fix permission of whitelist created; mktemp made it mode 600. * Wed Feb 24 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.1-1 - Include a bunch of minor changes. For details see tickets OO-122, OO-111, OO-109, OO-108, and OO-107. * Fri Feb 19 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 2.1.0-1 - Extracted goc-specific pieces out of oasis package